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Signs you need a Powerflush.

There are signs to look out for that suggest that all is not well in your central heating system. 

  • Cold areas on radiators e.g. at the bottom

  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump

  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators

  • Heating is slow to warm up

  • Cloudy tap water (limescale in system)

  • Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others

  • Radiators cold but pipes are hot

  • Boiler regularly shuts down and needs restarting

  • No water escapes when you bleed a radiator

  • Noisy radiators and or / boiler

  • Small leaks in radiators.

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, it’s time to contact us. While a Powerflush may be all that is required to get your heating back on track, unfortunately it is not always that simple. A system may be so damaged that it is actually cheaper to replace rather than repair. Some of these issues may not be resolved with a powerflush and it could potentially be a boiler issue. Contact us and we will be able to advise future.

What are the benefits of a Powerflush?

It’s not all doom and gloom; there are lots of positive reasons to get a Powerflush carried out too.

  • Radiators will heat up quicker

  • Radiators will get hotter

  • Quieter radiators / boiler

  • More energy efficient system = cheaper energy bills

  • Higher hot water temperatures

  • More reliable i.e. less chance of breakdown

  • Increase the life of your heating system.

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